The four-week “Design Thinking in Healthcare Innovation” online course started on the 12th of May, Wednesday with altogether 52 enrolled students across the GREAT network of Higher Educational Institutions – University of Turku (Coordinating Institution), University of Oslo, University of Tartu, Åbo Akademi University and Centre for Digital Life Norway. 



GREAT network chairman, Anni Pakarinen inaugurated the momentous event with her welcome speech to master’s and PhD students mainly from Life-Health-Tech Sciences.

Thomas Lemström from Spark Finland gave an insightful lecture about Design Thinking as a process as well as a method. He shared his experience in developing real-life solutions.

Members of the network, Janne Puhvel (UT), Olga Mikhailova (UiO) and Annika Norberg (UTU) moderated the workshops. It was an interesting day according to Olga Mikhailova, the coordinator of the online course – “We went through the Design Thinking crash course in which the participants redesigned a gift giving experience for their partners. Participants were divided into different teams and started to work on their own healthcare-based problem cases! Looking forward to hearing their solutions at the end of the course!”